New Pictures

Everybody remember back on October 29th I told you were were going to be doing a fundraiser to get a grave marker for Pauline Metler, the victim in the book The Last Rites.  Being the curious sort that I am I went to the cemetery this past weekend and found her new grave marker.  I am told it has only been up for about a month but it is now there.  While her name at the time of her death was Pauline Metler her family knew her as Pauline Marshall thus explaining the name difference on the grave marker.  Check out the pictures that were taken on that visit.  There is no date of death just the month and year.  If you want to find out why then read the book The Last Rites by Yvonne Mason.  Available on Nook, Kindle, Amazon.



Dressing for Success

Dressing your book is like dressing yourself.  Whether it be for a night on the town or that all important interview.  If you do not look your best you will not succeed.  The same goes for your book, if it is not dressed up in a pretty package that peaks the readers interest it will sit on the shelf like day old bread no one wants to buy until they reduce the price.  Let me help you dress your book for success.  I am available for cover design, formatting, file conversion, editing and proofreading at reasonable prices.  I can also upload your book to Kindle, Nook and Lulu for publishing.

The Pink Canary

This is the book that I am currently editing for inde author Yvonne Mason.  Check out her website for more information on this fabulous book that will be in stores soon.  This opportunity was presented to me for editing and proofreading another book to dress it up in its very best for publicatiom.  I can provide you with the same services to dress your book for it’s debut.

The Pink Canary