Editing/Proofreading Services

Even though the industry standard is charging per word I have chosen to take a different route to help up and coming independent authors to fulfill their dream of publishing.  I am offering rates that are based on the number of pages in your project rather than a per word rate.  This way you know up front how much it is going to cost for your editing and proofreading services.  This will let you put your best book forward.  My fees are as follows for these services.  I am currently offering a final proofing prior to publication for a limited time only.

Effective rates as of February 25, 2016

1 – 100 pages – $60.00

1 – 150 pages – $95.00

1 – 200 pages – $125.00

1 – 250 pages – $150.00

1 – 300 pages – $175.00

Over 300 pages please contact me for pricing information.


One thought on “Editing/Proofreading Services

  1. you need to edit your own page — “I am offer rate…” UGH get the grammar right. How can you edit my work if you don’t editt your ownl..

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