The Chronicles of Erika Lorenz: The Beast Witin

The Chronicles of Erika Lorenz: The Beast Witin

This is the cover of the book you need to be looking for and purchasing in the next few days. The cover is intriguing and the contents are even better. More information to follow with links to purchase the book.



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Coming Soon

Is marketing one of your biggest obstacles to sales?   Would you love to see your books on the shelves when you walk into your neighborhood bookstore?  The solution to this problem is coming.  Dressing Your Book is preparing to offer a new service to all of you independent authors.  We are going to begin a co-op marketing service for all independent authors.  For a nominal annual fee we will get your books distributed through Ingram Distribution to as many book stores as will order them.  This includes the big name stores as well as the smaller mom and pop stores throughout the country.  For this to happen your books must be published through Lulu as that is the only way they will be listed with Ingram.  No other printing company offers this service.  If you are not currently published through Lulu our company can, for an additional fee, get your books moved from your current publisher over to Lulu.  Look for more information to come in the upcoming days on how to sign up for this great new service.  If you have questions please email for more information.  

The Error of our Ways

This blog was written by award winning author Yvonne Mason.

Okay general public for those of you who did not and I repeat did not get it the first time I am once again revisiting this subject. The subject is this. “Everyone thinks they are a Critic.”  I know I know this should by now be a dead issue, but unfortunately it keeps rising from the dead sort of like the Zombie Apocalypse. So one more time here goes.

I am human. I know that is a stunning revelation. Most people including my children think I can leap tall buildings in a single bound. At one time I could but age and arthritis has stopped that. Anyway, back to I am human. Read that sentence again. “I AM HUMAN!” Commit it memory. While I strive to rise to perfection it just is not going to happen not for anyone no matter how OCD we are. That goes for anything we do, keeping house, working in the public and yes even writing. Even editors miss things, believe me I have seen it time and time again (including traditional houses ). It happens deal with it or stop reading. By the way have you read any newspapers lately? Not only do they have misspelled words, most journalist can not put a coherent sentence together. Not only that but the entire article makes no sense. Okay enough that back to me. I know it is always about me!

My books are best sellers and award winners! They are well written and well done. Not withstanding the human element. I work hard to make sure they are not only entertaining but informative. My true crimes are not written in a sanitized and spoonfed way. They are hard core and raw. There is a reason for them being written in that vein.   I want the reader to feel the victims. IF you can’t handle it just say so. Don’t act like the book is not well written. That cheapens the victims. Remember it is not about you!  If you want sanitized read Ann Rule!

I do not put table of contents in my true crimes simply because it is not a reference book. Seriously that is what one reader complained about in Silent Scream. To add insult to injury they didn’t have the balls to contact me, yes I have an author page on Amazon, they contacted Amazon. I would rather that person return the kindle book, I don’t need or want that type of reader. If you wish to critique my work fine, but have the balls to do it to me not behind my back. That will cause me to send out the legions of flying monkeys.

I have been reading books since before I started to school way back before most of my readers were a twinkle in their daddy’s eye. I have read some books that I could barely get through, but never not once did I publicly criticize. The reason is simple that author spent many days and nights on their craft and just because it was not my cup of tea didn’t mean that it was not worthy of print.

I have read many books published by traditional houses where there were so many misspelled words and bad grammar  that I felt like I needed a red pencil just to get through it. However, that did not take away from the story. If  you as a reader are spending all of your time looking for errors then maybe you need to be an English teacher not a reader.

For those of you who are authors you understand where I am coming from, writing is not for sissies nor is it for those who cannot walk those miles. For those of you who have never written a lick but tell anyone who will listen, “I can write better than that.” – I have a challenge for you. Stop talking and do it. Anyone can say it but not everyone can do it.

Last but not least, if you want to be a critic- then you first must learn to be an author!

Now back to your regularly schedule program!

This is my follow up on that post.

As an editor Yvonne is correct, we are all human and are prone to errors. When I edit a book I will read it a minimum of three times looking for errors. Occasionally there are still a few errors. I can bet whoever this reader was may have caught a couple of errors but I am also sure that she/he cannot write an entire book let alone have it published and purchased by countless people for their reading pleasure.

Most people read books for pleasure and are not overly concerned with the grammatical errors or spelling errors as long as they are not an over riding issue in the entire book.  Many independent authors do not have editors or proofreaders for their material.  They or maybe a family member are the only one who read their product before it is published.

This is mostly due to the fact that there are few major publishing houses who deal with independent authors in general and if they do they are not a top priority.  Independent publishers offer these services sometimes but usually they are prohibitively expensive.

That is where I come in t the picture.  I offer reasonably priced proofreading and editing services to all independent authors.  In addition I offer cover design, publishing and internet marketing services.  If this is something you are interested in please go to my facebook page: and message me or send me a message at