Coming Soon

Is marketing one of your biggest obstacles to sales?   Would you love to see your books on the shelves when you walk into your neighborhood bookstore?  The solution to this problem is coming.  Dressing Your Book is preparing to offer a new service to all of you independent authors.  We are going to begin a co-op marketing service for all independent authors.  For a nominal annual fee we will get your books distributed through Ingram Distribution to as many book stores as will order them.  This includes the big name stores as well as the smaller mom and pop stores throughout the country.  For this to happen your books must be published through Lulu as that is the only way they will be listed with Ingram.  No other printing company offers this service.  If you are not currently published through Lulu our company can, for an additional fee, get your books moved from your current publisher over to Lulu.  Look for more information to come in the upcoming days on how to sign up for this great new service.  If you have questions please email for more information.