New E-Mail

Okay boys and girls we  have now set up an email address just for Dressing Your Book.  You can contact me at for any and all of your editing, proofreading, uploading, designing, etc.

The Pink Canary

I am almost finished editing and proofreading The Pink Canary, the newest novel by indie author Yvonne Mason.  If you want your book to look as goodd as this one is going to look contact me to have me do your proofreading and editing.  My rates are rasonable and Depending on how much work has to be done can have your book done very quickly so you are ready to go to the publisher or let me do the publishing for you.


Dressing for Success

Dressing your book is like dressing yourself.  Whether it be for a night on the town or that all important interview.  If you do not look your best you will not succeed.  The same goes for your book, if it is not dressed up in a pretty package that peaks the readers interest it will sit on the shelf like day old bread no one wants to buy until they reduce the price.  Let me help you dress your book for success.  I am available for cover design, formatting, file conversion, editing and proofreading at reasonable prices.  I can also upload your book to Kindle, Nook and Lulu for publishing.

The Pink Canary

This is the book that I am currently editing for inde author Yvonne Mason.  Check out her website for more information on this fabulous book that will be in stores soon.  This opportunity was presented to me for editing and proofreading another book to dress it up in its very best for publicatiom.  I can provide you with the same services to dress your book for it’s debut.

The Pink Canary